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Bibiche Box

Bibiche Box


You don't know which product to choose, you want your skin to be soft from morning to evening? Then order our Bibiche box which brings together the 5 products of the range Brussels  for the price of 115€ (instead of 135€ if you buy them separately).


Bibiche's word, you won't be able to do without it!

  • This box contains the 5 products of the rangeBrussels :


    -Face Cream (100% natural) : Do you dream of hydrated and soft skin from morning to night? Our moisturizer is made for you! Its velvety and creamy texture, as well as its sweet fragrance, will give you an impression of cocooning and well-being while making your skin ultra soft.


    -The Serum(100% natural): We have found the PERFECT formula for intense hydration in depth. Apply this serum before bed and wake up with real baby skin. You won't be able to do without it!


    -The Eye Cream(100% natural):  Nothing like a feeling of freshness in the morning to wake up in a good mood. This eye cream is both hydrating and refreshing. It is an essential product for a doe look.


    - The mask(99.91% natural*):  The ideal companion for a cocooning session on Sunday evening, our mask is the essential product for healthy, soft skin. Apply it once a week for optimal and long-lasting results.


    *The mask contains PHENOXYETHANOL. This ingredient occurs in the world naturally but is generally considered to be synthetic. It is an anti-microbial which  is not sensitizing/allergenic and which does not oxidize. We need it because the mask is the only potted product and therefore more exposed to the air and other bacteria present on our hands.


    - The Cleanser(100% natural):  Pamper your skin and remove all daily aggressions thanks to the make-up remover. Its gentle formula will leave your skin soothed and clean.


    All our products arevegan, natural and eco-friendly! The ingredients are from organic farming and no tests have been carried out on animals. Bibiche Cosmetics is committed to respecting the world around it and this goes through animals, the environment but also human beings.


    MADE IN BELGIUM: All our products are designed, tested and manufactured in Belgium in our partner laboratory in Spa. This laboratory specializes in natural cosmetics. This allows us a real monitoring of quality as well as the minimization of our impact on the environment.

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