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Brussels, the first range of Bibiche Cosmetics

“Brussels is my home, my city of heart, and that is why the main ingredient of this range, cotton flower, is reminiscent of cocooning, clean sheets, well-being. » 

(Amandine, Founder of Bibiche Cosmetics)


This range is made up of5 productswhich together form a real beauty routine but can be used separately.The   range is perfect for normal/dry skin types.

The products that you can find in the range are: Face Cream, Serum, Eye Cream, Mask and Make-up Remover.



Each range revolves around a main ingredient, used in each product, which has particular virtues for the skin. For this first rangeBrussels, we chose thecotton flower oilas the main ingredient.


For what?Cotton flower has many benefits:

  • Deep hydration

  • Brightens and makes your skin glow

  • Regenerating

  • Source of softness for your skin


It is above all an ingredient that recalls cocooning, home. As I was born and live in Brussels, I wanted an ingredient that would make everyone feel at home just by using products from the range.

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