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The founder, Amandine

The story of a life, the passion, the love of sharing or the concern for well-being, all these elements are at the source of the project that punctuates my life, Bibiche Cosmetics. Let me introduce myself, my name is Amandine, a dynamic young entrepreneur who never stops imagining projects and bringing them to life. 


Bibiche Cosmetics was born after several years of reflection around cosmetics and the environment. I've always wanted to get started, build a business that suits me and that would be in line with the new values and concerns that we encounter today. 


Since my earliest childhood I have always been passionate about the world of beauty. Not the world of superficial appearance, no, but the one that allows every woman and every man to feel comfortable in their body and to be proud of it. Beauty is a deep feeling, a trust that we should all have. 

With Bibiche, I want to allow women to feel beautiful and to be able to express their individual beauty while respecting ecological awareness and harmony with our planet. 

Join our caring community of Bibiche! Together, we have the power to change our relationship to the body and our perception of beauty. We are all beautiful in our own way and each of us has something unique. Let's start breaking the codes together! 

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