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Eye Cream

Eye Cream


Nothing like a feeling of freshness in the morning to wake up in a good mood. This eye cream is both hydrating and refreshing. It is an essential product to have a doe look.

  • The Eye Cream by Bibiche Cosmetics will help you wake up every morning! Its fresh and moisturizing texture will allow you to have a real doe look.


    Its benefits:

    • Hydrate
    • Refreshes the eye area
    • Illuminate your eyes


    Use :

    Apply the Cream to your eye contours every morning, avoiding contact with the eyes. You can also apply it at night for intense hydration.


    His characteristics :

    • 100% natural
    • 15ML
    • Subtle vanilla and sweet smell, with a touch of spicy tangerine
    • Local production
    • Vegan
    • No animal testing
    • Eco-friendly


    MADE IN BELGIUM:  All our products are designed, tested and manufactured in Belgium in our partner laboratory in Spa. This laboratory specializes in natural cosmetics. This allows us a real monitoring of quality as well as the minimization of our impact on the environment.

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